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The fastest growing pricing solution:

Established in 2011 in Germany, Pricefx is listed by Gartner and G2, a trusted peer-to-peer review site for software. More and more companies of all sizes adopt it as a key component of their path to price excellence.

Pricefx delivers Passion for Pricing. For more information, please visit www.pricefx.com

A true pricing platform, very user friendly

Pricefx delivers a complete price optimization and management platform based on native cloud architecture, providing industry leading time to value and total cost of ownership advantages to customers.

It comprises several modules, covering most of your needs (price optimization price-list management, rebates & sales terms, promotions & contracts, analytics):

Price management, simulation and optimization.
 Management of “off invoice” rebates & bonuses : commercial conditions & sales agreements.
 Management of “on invoice” discount or specific prices : promotion & contracts.
 Management and pricing of configured products & services configuration.
 Management of Quotes.
 Advanced Analytics.

As a close partner of Price f(x), Bloomkeys provides pricing consulting services (design of pricing strategies), project support and configuration capabilities.