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Pricing partner

Listed by Gartner (“strongly positive”), Zilliant is one of the closed circle of leading pricing software vendors. Zilliant has 130 employees and over 110 customers. The firm also has a strong position in Europe and particularly in France.


Zilliant IQ

Zilliant IQ: unrivalled solution for B2B pricing and sales efficiency.

Zilliant’s software platform, Zilliant IQ, is an optimization engine that uses Machine Learning techniques and predictive analytics to generate recommendations from the company’s transactional data.

The platform consists of two main modules:

Price IQ determines the optimal price for each transaction (price corridor) without risk of volume loss.
Sales IQ identifies opportunities for customer retention and organic growth (cross-sell & up-sell on existing customers).

Bloomkeys is a Gold Certified Partner of Zilliant.