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We activate three levers to help you through the digital transformation.

State-of-the-art software solutions, capable of leveraging the volume of your sales data and connect with your operational and commercial systems

Change management, based on extensive high-level business experience and focused on people and execution, which acts as a critical component of any digital initiative,

Transformation in order to strengthen and enhance your operational, pricing, marketing and sales practices

The foundation stage

Build a solid case for your pricing or sales initiative. Look for a relevant solution at the right time.

Take time to carefully untertake a holistic evaluation of your context starting with your customers, their buying behavior and the sales situations your front office has to deal with.

We analyze your data, range of products/services,  pricing and sales tools, organization, processes,  skills and the size of your opportunities.

We help you buid a roadmap for the enhancement of your capabilities and systems, aligned with your short and mid term objectives (business model, revenue, margin, profitability).

Pricing is a journey, not a project.

Software Implementation

Ahead of competition with advanced analytics and excellent sales and pricing execution.

We support you, jointly with the software vendor, from the initial qualification phase to the implementation of the solution. We also provide support during and after the roll-out phase,

both on functional (pricing culture, change actions, business support) and software configuration roles.

Change management

“Pricing projects fail on organizational and change management issues, not on technology”. This is a quote from a senior partner of one of the big five!

We help our clients tackle the organizational and human challenges of their digital sales & pricing initiatives, making change meaningful and ensuring it delivers expected results.

Scope: advisory to project leader and owner, assistance in various fields (communication, project management, pricing governance, organizational changes,new practices, pricing culture and training).

Pricing and sales expertise

Adopt the Gemba walk and pay attention to : customers’ purchase behavior, Sales reps conversations and what drives their motivation.

We provide a strong operational expertise to our customers in order to build or reinforce their capabilities.

bullet-pointStudy of customers’ purchasing behavior and sensitivity to price or willingness to pay
bullet-pointPrice setting for new and innovative products,
bullet-pointPricing policy (contractual clauses, service monetization, promotions and destocking, transportation costs, etc.),
bullet-pointSpecific business cases (pricing to key accounts, price increases, supply shortage),
bullet-pointWinning sales and pricing conversations, ” behavioral ” pricing,
bullet-pointIncentives and compensation schemes.
bullet-pointDashboard and specific tools (mobile applications, KAM management, dashboards, geographical data visualization, etc.).